[Step-by-Step] How to Remove Roomba Front Wheel

How to Remove Roomba Front Wheel

Roomba’s front wheel allows it to balance, navigate, and maneuver between different areas. And that’s the reason why the Roomba front wheel needs to be maintained from time to time. But maintaining and cleaning it means removing the front wheel! For some, it’s easy to remove the Roomba front wheel. For others, usually the beginners, … Read more

How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch [V1 & V2]

How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch

Being a smart light switch fan, I find the Wemo light switch great for automating the lights of my rooms! Undoubtedly, these smart light switches are the best ones out there. However, they act up and behave strangely after you’ve used them for a while. For example, when they lose connectivity or stop working after … Read more

[Fixed] Shark Robot Vacuum Error 6 (Step-by-Step)

shark error 6

Robotic vacuum cleaners have become a game-changer in the world of smart home cleaning. They run brilliantly because they’re smart, unlike dumb devices that need your help. Occasionally, you’ll come across errors while using the Shark robot vacuum. I understand that encountering errors while using these devices can be annoying. One such common error is … Read more

6 Steps to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Error 9

shark robot vacuum error 9

For every robot vacuum owner, it’s common to run into problems. Sometimes, you experience charging issues in your Shark robot vacuum. Other times, the Shark robot doesn’t connect to your new Wi-Fi. It happens, and it’s nothing to worry about. With some simple solutions, you can fix any issue related to your Shark robot vacuum … Read more