How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch [V1 & V2]

How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch

Being a smart light switch fan, I find the Wemo light switch great for automating the lights of my rooms! Undoubtedly, these smart light switches are the best ones out there. However, they act up and behave strangely after you’ve used them for a while. For example, when they lose connectivity or stop working after … Read more

How to Reset C By Ge, Kasa, Feit, Tuya In 5 Minutes

How to reset smart light bulb

It’s normal to get frustrated when your smart light bulb starts acting up or isn’t responsive. When this happens, you have two approaches to deal with it. One approach, of course, is to ditch your smart light bulb (I don’t recommend this.) Or go with the practical approach of resetting your smart light bulb. It … Read more

What Are Smart Lights For Home (A Complete Beginners Guide)

What are smart lights for home

No more stumbling around in the dark finding the wall switch when you’ve installed smart lights for your home. Just say the magic word and the lights would automatically turn on! The lights that we are talking about aren’t the kind of ordinary lights that you have to flip the light switch for.  These are, … Read more