[Unveiled] How Much Does Alexa Cost in 2023? (Subscription, Devices, Hidden Costs)

After you plan to turn your house into a smart home, you begin to explore the idea of smart devices. At the same time, the first thing most people go for is the smart voice assistant. Among many voice assistants, Amazon Alexa is one of the smart home voice assistants. The name “Alexa” goes for … Read more

Alexa Device Is Unresponsive? Fixed In Minutes

alexa device is unresponsive

If you’re getting “Device is unresponsive” on your Alexa app, it means there’s something wrong! Your favorite smart assistant is telling you that the connected smart devices aren’t responsive. Smart lights like Kasa and thermostats are the most common devices that go unresponsive on Alexa. Hence, you get this message from Alexa, “device is unresponsive.” … Read more

Why Is My Echo Dot Red [Different Echo Dot Colors Fixed]

Why is my echo dot red

Amazon Echo devices blink different colors to tell you something. It’s their way of communicating with you using light indicators. These Alexa light indicators listen to your voice commands and stop blinking in just a sec. For instance, the common blue light is the default light you’re most likely to see. Almost every person who … Read more

[Explained] How to Use Alexa as Bluetooth Speaker without Wifi?

How to use alexa as bluetooth speaker without wifi

For many homeowners, Alexa serves as a friendly speaker and assistant that follows your commands. Responding to your voice commands, she can automate pretty much everything at your home. But that’s only possible when she is connected to a stable internet connection. If she goes offline, you won’t be able to use her features for … Read more