[Step-by-Step] How to Remove Roomba Front Wheel

Roomba’s front wheel allows it to balance, navigate, and maneuver between different areas.

And that’s the reason why the Roomba front wheel needs to be maintained from time to time.

But maintaining and cleaning it means removing the front wheel!

For some, it’s easy to remove the Roomba front wheel.

For others, usually the beginners, however, it might seem like a tricky job!

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about it because I’ve got you covered!

In this post, I’ll guide you on how to remove Roomba front wheel. So you can easily remove, clean, or replace the Roomba front wheel!

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Roomba front wheel removal

Removing the front wheel of your iRobot Roomba isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first!

With just one try, I popped the front wheel out of my Roomba easily.

And yes, don’t worry about breaking it – just use these simple steps!

Step 1: Power off your Roomba

Step 2:  Flip the Roomba with its backside up

Step 3: Ensure you’ve put it on a clean surface

Step 4: Next, using your hand, pull off the front caster wheel gently

The Roomba front caster wheel should come out quickly.

If the caster wheel keeps rotating while you trying to remove it, you’ll need to lock it by pressing your thumb. Once you’ve locked it using your thumb, pop it out.

Trust me, this trick works well!

In case your hands are shaky or can’t seem to pop the front wheel out, use the butter knife. It should do the job!

Roomba front wheel replacement

If the purpose of removing the Roomba front wheel is to replace it, worry not!

I’ll guide you on how to replace the Roomba front wheel in easy steps.

Just make sure you’ve followed the steps of removing the front caster wheel.

Step 1: Get the Roomba front caster wheel replacement

Before moving on to other steps, get a Roomba front caster wheel handy!

Find out which model of iRobot Roomba you’re using. Then, order a Roomba front wheel replacement compatible with the model.

I’d recommend getting this one for any of your Roomba models.


Step 2: Power off the Roomba

The second step is fairly simple. You just have to power off the Roomba. Then turn it over, ensuring it’s placed on a clean surface.

Step 3: Remove the front caster wheel

Follow the steps I’ve covered in the post earlier to gently remove the front caster wheel.

Step 4: Ensure there’s no dirt or debris

Before inserting the new Roomba front wheel, clean the dirt and debris from the Front wheel cavity. It’s also called the housing of the front wheel.

Step 5: Pop in the new Roomba front wheel

Get the fresh Roomba front wheel, and pop it in its place.

Give it a little spin with your finger, and it should be ready to navigate on your floors again!

How to clean Roomba front wheel

Regular maintenance of your Roomba is way too important.

It’ll only take a few minutes, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

That said, here’s how you can clean Roomba front wheel easily.

Remove the trapped hair from the front wheel: It’s more likely that you’ll find trapped hair wrapped around the wheel. Use your fingers to remove the hair and debris.

Rotate the wheel: Rotating the wheel can help you find more hidden dust bunnies around it. So, rotate it and keep removing the dirt.

Clean the front wheel cavity: It’s the room or the space where the front wheel is installed. Before you pop the front wheel back in, ensure it’s properly cleaned. You can use the air compressor to clean the cavity.

After you’ve cleaned the Roomba front wheel, gently pop it back in its place.

Roomba Front wheel Common issues (Troubleshooting tips)

The Roomba and its parts, specifically the front wheel, work flawlessly.

However, occasionally, the front wheel starts acting up.

Just know that you’ll likely face a few common issues with the Roomba front wheel.

Here, I’ve highlighted these common issues and the troubleshooting tips to get them resolved.

The Roomba front wheel stuck

If you find that your Roomba’s front wheel is stuck, chances are it’s jammed with stuff.

The stuff can be trapped by hair, dirt, or debris around it.

When this is the case, you might find it hard to remove the stuck wheel.

Consider using the butter knife to pop it off gently if it’s not getting out.

Also, if you find the hair wrapped tightly around the wheel, consider using a small cutting tool. Then, cut the hair until the wheel is moveable. Remove the wheel and clean it up thoroughly!

Roomba front wheel falls out

Though you can always pop the front wheel back in any time it falls out, it’s not a convenient thing.

In fact, it’s a hassle to deal with!

A few reasons lead to Roomba front wheel falling out – damaged or loose front wheel assembly.

To fix this, you’ll need to get a new Roomba front wheel assembly. It should fix the problem!

Roomba front wheel not spinning

The front wheel of your iRobot Roomba stops spinning when it’s covered in dirt and debris.

The accumulated and trapped dirt around it affects its movability.

Fixing this is as simple as removing it and cleaning every bit of the front caster wheel!

Roomba front wheel squeaking

It’s pretty annoying when the Roomba front wheel starts making squeaking noise.

To fix it, remove the front wheel and remove the trapped dirt around it.

Contact iRobot Support

If the front wheel stops working, you might want to contact iRobot support.

If it’s a technical fault, chances are you might get a replacement. Or, you could get it fixed by their team of experts.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after following the steps, you’ll be able to remove the front wheel easily anytime. Next, you can clean or replace the front wheel using the tips. Just ensure that you maintain your Roomba front wheel and its other parts routinely. That will keep your robot vacuum running flawlessly!

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