[Ultimate Guide] Sipping Becomes Smarter with Bellabeat Smart Water Bottle

Most people tend to forget about drinking enough water. This, in turn, results in dehydration, which affects you physically and mentally.

If you’re a forgetful or busy person, you might consider switching to the smart water bottle.

The specific smart water bottle that we are going to talk about is the Bellabeat smart water bottle.

 We will explore what’s making the Bellabeat smart water bottle the talk of the town.

And, is it going to replace the dumb water bottles?

So let’s begin and understand – everything about the Bellabeat spring smart water bottle!

What’s the Bellabeat smart water bottle? (Benefits)

Let’s learn a little about Bellabeat – the company that’s behind this innovative smart water bottle!

Bellabeat is a health and wellness brand, which focuses on creating products for women.

You’ll find a ton of great women’s products that focus on women’s well-being.

Their smart spring water bottle is one of their great products out there!

Beautifully-designed smart bottle

Bellabeat smart water bottle is a beautifully designed smart bottle.

This Spring smart water bottle has a rubber and glass combo. So it’s super easy to grab and carry!

Though it’s available in its signature color – Violet Ice— it’s still pretty cutesy!

What I like about this smart bottle is that there are no unnecessary charging cables.

It tells you how much water you need to drink (Smart Hydration tracking)

As the name suggests, the Bellabeat spring smart water bottle is the smartest out there.

It means that it tracks how much water you’re drinking in a day thanks to its intelligent sensors.

Besides, it also tells you how much water you need to drink. So, you don’t have to keep track in your mind all the time to stay hydrated!

It does so with the help of its advanced technology and wireless syncing.

It comes with its smart app

So where do you see the reminders, hydration tracking, and all that info?

Well, you get a smart app for it!

Yup, this smart water bottle indeed comes with its smart app.

It’s where you’ll calculate your water intake and get updates and reminders to help you stay alert!

You just have to customize it based on your lifestyle, schedule, and preference!

Here’s what I like about the app: When it tells me that I need to drink more water today!

You can also link your Bellabeat spring smart water bottle with Apple Health and Google Fit.

That way, you’ll get all your wellness data in one particular app!

It’s portable and easy to carry around

If you believe in having a smart bottle lugging around wires and cables, think again!

The Bellabeat spring smart water bottle is a wire-free and cable-free bottle.

It connects wirelessly with its smart app – no cable or plugs are required!

So, you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

It runs on a coin cell battery (No charging required)

Wondering how the smart water bottle works?

Well, it runs on a coin cell battery, which means there’s no need for daily charging!

The great thing about this is its durable and replaceable battery.

According to Bellabeat, the battery can last for up to 6 months.

It holds 16 fluid ounces of water

Like a standard plastic water bottle, the Bellabeat smart water bottle holds 16 ounces of water.

Or if we calculate it in milliliters, it equals (473ml), which is close to 500ml!

And, that’s the perfect portion of water for adult women.

How to use the Bellabeat Smart water bottle?

Now comes the interesting part – setting it up!

If you don’t know already, Bellabeat smart water bottle is easy to connect and set up!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sync the Bellabeat spring smart water bottle:

Step 1: Download and install the Bellabeat app

Step 2: Launch the Bellabeat app on your smartphone

Step 3: Tap on Settings

Step 4: Then, tap on “Add a device”

Step 5: Select “Spring”

Step 6: Follow the prompt instructions

You’ll need to shake the smart bottle to sync it to the app. Then, the next thing you should do is to fill it up with water. And, you’re done!

Remember that every time you take a sip, you’ll need to open the app to sync the data.

Should you get a Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle?

By now, you know that the Bellabeat smart water bottle has got a couple of benefits.

Besides those benefits, there are a few things that you should know.

Based on these factors coupled with its benefits, you can decide for yourself!

No hot or cold liquids: Yes, you heard it right! You shouldn’t fill your Bellabeat spring smart water bottle with hot tea or chilled water. It means that you can’t put ice in it to keep your water cool.

The reason is simple: the Spring smart water bottle is equipped with a sensor at the bottom.

Available in one color: While many women would love this color, others would prefer more colors. And the sad thing is that it isn’t available in multiple colors.

Dishwasher Safe: Keeping your smart water bottle clean is easy by disassembling its parts and putting it in the dishwasher.

Easily-available spare parts: If you lose any screws or break the bottle’s glass, you can easily get its spare parts.

Eco-friendly: One of its strong points is its eco-friendly design. After using it, you won’t need to rely on plastic bottles.

Perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding women: As I mentioned earlier, this smart water bottle focuses on the well-being of women. And, it interestingly takes into consideration pregnant and breastfeeding women, helping them to keep track of water intake.

Final Thoughts

Bellabeat Spring smart water bottle is a perfect match for any woman into fitness and wellness.

It isn’t just a smart device, but it’s also your best buddy. Whether you’re under the sun or traveling, this chic smart bottle is worth it.

You just take a sip, shake the bottle, and let the app record your water intake. And, that’s how easy it is!

While it’s a little expensive, it offers great value with its smart features!

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