[Ultimate Guide] Sipping Becomes Smarter with Bellabeat Smart Water Bottle

Bellabeat Smart Water Bottle

Most people tend to forget about drinking enough water. This, in turn, results in dehydration, which affects you physically and mentally. If you’re a forgetful or busy person, you might consider switching to the smart water bottle. The specific smart water bottle that we are going to talk about is the Bellabeat smart water bottle. … Read more

How to Reset Efun Smart Plug (Step-by-Step)

How to Reset Efun Smart Plug

While Efun smart plugs run flawlessly, they can run into problems like any other smart device! Sometimes, your Efun smart plug SH330W might stop working after setup. Other times, you might find the smart plug having connectivity issues. Whatever the issue is, you might want to reset your Efun smart plug to factory settings. If … Read more

How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch [V1 & V2]

How to Factory Reset Wemo Light Switch

Being a smart light switch fan, I find the Wemo light switch great for automating the lights of my rooms! Undoubtedly, these smart light switches are the best ones out there. However, they act up and behave strangely after you’ve used them for a while. For example, when they lose connectivity or stop working after … Read more

Add Aqara Sensor to SmartThings (Step-by-Step)

Thinking of integrating your Aqara Sensor to SmartThings, but don’t know how to? I understand that it’s hard to add Aqara Sensor to Smartthings, especially since it doesn’t show up in the app.   You might even search for “Aqara” on your Samsung Smartthings app, but it just won’t show up. But there’s a method that … Read more