[Fixed] Shark Robot Vacuum Error 6 (Step-by-Step)

shark error 6

Robotic vacuum cleaners have become a game-changer in the world of smart home cleaning. They run brilliantly because they’re smart, unlike dumb devices that need your help. Occasionally, you’ll come across errors while using the Shark robot vacuum. I understand that encountering errors while using these devices can be annoying. One such common error is … Read more

Add Aqara Sensor to SmartThings (Step-by-Step)

Thinking of integrating your Aqara Sensor to SmartThings, but don’t know how to? I understand that it’s hard to add Aqara Sensor to Smartthings, especially since it doesn’t show up in the app.   You might even search for “Aqara” on your Samsung Smartthings app, but it just won’t show up. But there’s a method that … Read more

How To Reset Zmodo Camera Without Reset Button

How To Reset Zmodo Camera Without Reset Button

Zmodo cameras are definitely worth the investment. Personally, I’ve been using a couple of them in my smart home, and they’ve been brilliant! But, let’s face it – smart devices can be tricky sometimes, especially during the setup phase after purchasing.  If you encounter issues and need to reset your camera, don’t worry! The catch … Read more