[5 Fixes] How to Turn On Aluratek Digital Photo Frame

Undoubtedly, the Aluratek digital photo frame is one of the most interesting smart gadgets!

Personally, I’ve been using these smart frames for displaying beautiful family albums at home.

It’s a smart and easy way of putting on any photo that I want directly from my Google Photos!

But, like any other Wi-Fi-friendly device, Aluratek can act up and stop working.

For instance, when your Aluratek digital photo frame is blank or it doesn’t turn on.

If that’s the case, fret not!

In this step-by-step article, I’ll guide you on how to turn on the Aluratek digital photo frame.

That said, let’s dive in!

Fix 1: Connect it to the power outlet properly

One of the common reasons why your Aluratek isn’t turning on is the power source.

Try unplugging it and removing the power adapter for several seconds. Also, remove the SD card.

Then, plug it back into the power outlet to check if it turns on.

If restarting doesn’t fix it, you should try to change the power outlets.

Next, ensure that your Aluratek digital photo frame is plugged securely and properly into a power outlet.

If the power adapter is damaged, consider getting a new one. And, it should fix the problem!

Also, remember that your Aluratek digital photo frame must be powered on at all times.

Fix 2: Reset Aluratek Digital Photo Frame

If rebooting and restarting your smart digital photo frame doesn’t work, try a quick reset.

Almost every smart device gets back to working after a quick reset. So consider following these steps to reset your Aluratek Digital photo frame!

Step 1: Find the pinhole reset button

On the back of your Aluratek digital photo frame, there should be a reset pinhole. It should be near USB and other ports depending on the model.

Step 2: Grab the paperclip or other pin alternatives

A thin tool like a paperclip is all you need to press the reset pinhole button. So keep it handy with you. Avoid using anything that could damage the pinhole.

Step 3: Press the pinhole with a paperclip

Gently press the paperclip into the pinhole to reset the smart frame.

Release the button and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Tap on Reset Device on the app

Finally, navigate to the Aluratek app and find the “Reset Device” option.

Tap it, and your Aluratek digital photo frame should reset to its default settings.

Resetting the digital frame should fix the blank screen problem.

For any temporary glitches, a quick reset is a helpful procedure. However, sometimes, it doesn’t fix the internal technical issues.

Hence, consider other fixes to get this issue resolved!

Fix 3: Change the memory card

Sometimes, the culprit of the problem is a secondary thing like a memory card, for example.

So, if you’re using a memory card that’s corrupt or full, chances are it’s causing the blank screen.

There are a few things to help fix this issue:

Remove the existing memory card and use a different or a new one

Use the card that’s formatted correctly and is compatible with the device

Lastly, ensure that you’ve inserted the memory card properly in its slot

This should turn Aluratek Digital Photo Frame on, allowing you to display your photos.

Fix 4: Ensure it’s not set to “Auto Power Off”

Go to the app and check if the frame settings are set to “Auto Power off”

If this feature is enabled, your frame will be turned off automatically.

Try going to the app settings and setting the “Auto Power off” to off. Then, check if that fixes the problem and turn the display on!

Similarly, you can adjust the schedule of times accordingly. So it powers on and off during the times you’ve set it to!

Fix 5: Ensure the screen or system isn’t damaged or faulty

If you checked the cables and the app and didn’t find them damaged, chances are the unit is faulty.

So, the next thing that you must check is the screen of the frame.

If you find any cracks on the screen, you might need to change the screen.

However, if there are no cracks on the screen, the unit may be faulty.

Contact the Aluratek Support

I understand the frustration when the Aluratek doesn’t power on.

However, there’s nothing much you can do to fix it if it’s damaged.

The good thing is that you can always rely on the support of the manufacturer.

So, if your smart frame has given up and isn’t turning on, reach out to Aluratek Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Aluratek digital photo frame not powering on?

A lot of factors could lead to your Aluratek digital photo frame shutting down completely. For example, if it experienced a power outage.

Why is my Aluratek digital photo frame not showing pictures?

If your Aluratek digital photo frame not showing pictures, try rebooting or resetting the unit.

If that doesn’t work, chances are either the screen is damaged or the SD card is corrupted.

Does the aluratek frame have to be plugged in?

Yes, Aluratek needs to be plugged in to display the photos because it’s how it gets its power. So, place it or mount it where there’s a wall plug!

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