Braeburn Thermostat Reset (Step-by-Step)

Braeburn thermostat acting up all of a sudden? No worries!

You can get it up and running like before just like I did by performing a quick reset procedure.

So whether it’s blinking, gone blank, or not working, a reset procedure can help fix it!

Now, if you’ve been wondering, “How to reset the Braeburn thermostat?” you’re at the right place!

Just don’t feel overwhelmed looking at the controls and buttons!

In this post, I’ll walk you through a quick step-by-step guide on Braeburn thermostat reset. So you can set it up again to use it for your air conditioning and overall HVAC purposes!

So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Find the Return and Down Arrow button

A variety of Braeburn thermostat models come with similar buttons.

You’re most likely to find buttons such as System, Prog, Hold, Return, Day/Time, Fan, and Arrow buttons.

Braeburn models like Braeburn Thermostat 2020, Braeburn 7500 wireless, and Braeburn 5020 have these buttons!

For the soft reset procedure, we’ll use the “Return” and “Down Arrow” buttons.

Once you spot these buttons on your Braeburn thermostat, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Press and hold down the Return and Down Arrow Button

Press and hold down the Return and Down arrow buttons simultaneously.

Wait for a few seconds before releasing the buttons at the same time.

Release them when you see the “RES” on the display screen!

Step 3: Press Prog Button

Press the “Prog” button, and you’ll see the CLR0 on the display.

Step 4: Press Down Arrow Button

Change the “CLR0” to CLR2 by pressing the Down arrow button.

Once done, push the “Return” button!

And, you’re done soft resetting the device.

How to factory reset Braeburn thermostat (Step-by-Step)

Most old models of the Braeburn thermostat don’t come with the “Return” and other buttons.

But, there’s always a way to reset such models as well!

Besides, this reset procedure is workable for every model of the Braeburn thermostat including Braeburn thermostat model 1000.

That said, here’s how to factory reset the Braeburn thermostat (any model).

Step 1: Switch off the thermostat

Remove the batteries of your Braeburn thermostat as the first step.

You can remove the batteries by gently removing the thermostat from the mount.

Step 2: Find the reset pinhole

The next step is the quick one!

All you’ve to do is spot the small “Reset” pinhole on the thermostat. It’s the reset button!

Step 3: Grab the small object like a toothpick

After you’ve found the reset pinhole, it’s time to get the small object to press inside it.

For example, you can use a toothpick, paperclip, or other similar alternatives.

Step 4: Press the Reset pinhole

Lastly, use the small object to press the reset pinhole. Press it for a few seconds before releasing it.

Put the batteries in their place, and use the Down arrow to change settings accordingly.

And, you’re done resetting your Braeburn thermostat to its factory settings!

Where is the reset button on a Braeburn Thermostat?

If you can’t seem to find the Braeburn thermostat reset button, no worries!

You can easily find it on the front face of the thermostat device. It’s near the display screen!

Just know that it’s a small pinhole button, labeled as “RESET”.

Remember that the location of the reset button can vary from model to model.

If you can’t find the reset button, it’s always a good idea to check the model’s manual!

Braeburn thermostat reset not working? (Troubleshooting tips)

It’s possible that you’ve tried to perform the reset procedure, but it won’t reset!

I understand that it can be a real headache for any thermostat user.

The good thing is that you can resolve this with a couple of troubleshooting tips.

However, before you delve into troubleshooting, you should understand the reset function on your thermostat.

For starters, the reset function typically restores the thermostat to its default settings. Of course, this will erase the previous data and setup. But, it’s useful when your Braeburn thermostat won’t work!

That said, I’ve highlighted a few possible reasons for when your Braeburn thermostat won’t reset.

1. Power Supply Issues

If your thermostat doesn’t have a stable power supply, it may not be able to perform a reset. Ensure that the thermostat is receiving power.

If your model of Braeburn thermostat runs on batteries, ensure they aren’t dead. Consider changing the batteries before performing the reset procedure!

In short, ensure there are no issues with the wiring or batteries.

2. Locked Thermostat

Last time, I tried to reset my Braeburn thermostat, but failed to do so!

The reason? Well, it was locked!

So, if your thermostat is locked, it won’t reset!

Check if your thermostat has a lock feature and if it’s accidentally locked.  Get it unlocked, and then try to reset the device!

3. Technical Glitches or Faulty Device

Like any other device, thermostats can also experience glitches.

These glitches won’t allow the device to reset.

On the other hand, if your thermostat is faulty, it might not reset.

Try rebooting the device by removing the batteries. Or better yet, reset the thermostat by resetting the breaker!

If still nothing works out, don’t be shy to reach out to Braeburn.

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